Research Area

Name: Mei Li
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 010-62755420
2002.09--2006.01 Ph.D. Peking University (PKU), Cartography and Geographical Information Science
1999.09--2002.07 M.S. China University of Geosciences (CUG), Survey and Mapping Engineering, School of Engineering
1995.09--1999.07 B.S. Northwest University (NWU), Geography, China
2014.09--to now Visiting Scholar, George Mason University, Fairfax, USA
2010.09--2014.09 Associate Professor, IRSGIS, PKU
2008.05--2010.08 Lecturer/Instructor, IRSGIS, PKU
2006.01--2008.04 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Geology, PKU
COM-based coal mine geological and surveying management system, First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, (3rd place) Ministry of Education, 2008
GIS-based coal mine product management system, First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, (10th place) Coal Industry Association, 2009
Safety work dynamic spatial data processing platform, First Prize 0f Science and Technology Progress Award, (9th place) Shandong Province, 2011
The Research and Applications of the Key Technology of High-precision 3D Geological Dynamically modeling,(5th place), Coal Industry Association, 2014
Second Prize of Excellent Class Teacher, Peking University, 2011
First Prize of Chinese Youth Remote Sensing Debate, lead teacher, 2010
Introduction of 3DGIS, optional course for graduate students, 2010-2013 Spring
Theory and technology of spatial information visualization in geosciences, optional course for graduate students, 2009-2013 Fall
Introduction of Digital Earth, optional course for undergraduate students, 2012-2013 Fall
Economic Geography, optional course for undergraduate students, 2014 Spring
2012-present, members, the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Sciences (CPGIS)
2011-present, the review committee member, Special Funds for Scientific Research on Public Causes, Ministry of Science and Technology

Funding project:
2012/01-2014/12, Demonstration Systems for Emergency Response, National 863 projects: Spatial and Temporal Process Simulation and Real-time GIS system, PI: Prof. Gong Jianya, Wuhan University (WHU)
2011/01-2015/12, Geology Information Data Processing GIS Platform for Coalbed methane(CBM), National Key Projects: Development of Great Oil & Gas Field and Coal Bed Gas, PI: Prof. Zhang Zimin, Henan Polytechnic University (HPU)
2007/07- 2010/07: Key technologies on Augmented Reality for Emergency Respond, National 863 projects, PI: Dr. Sun Min.
2009/01- 2011/12: Research on 3D modeling & visualization software, Ministry of Education Foundation for New Teacher, PI: Dr. Mei Li
2007/07-2008/07:Research on 2D GIS and 3D modeling software for Metal Mining, Science Foundation of China for Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, PI: Dr. Mei Li

Other projects:
2013/11-present, 3D Visualization for Coal Mine Roadway Support, cooperated with Tian Di Science & Technology Co., Ltd
2013/12-present, GIS-based Chuandongbei Emergency Response Management System, Enterprise Project: cooperated with Chevron Corporation,NYSE:CVX
2014/01-present, Emergency Response Management System for Shenhua Ningmei Mine Rescue Team, Enterprise Project: cooperated with Shenhua Mining Group
2012/01-2012/07, GIS-based Digital Ventilation GIS System for Dongpang Coal Mine, cooperated with the North China Institute of Science and Technology (NCIST)
2008/04-present, A self-developed Mine 3DGIS Software R&D, Enterprise Project: cooperated with Beijing Longruan Technologies
(1) Qi Hegang, Mao Shanjun, Wang Changao, Li Mei, Guan Zenglun, Sun Zhenming. Coal mining Research and Application of High Precision Three-D Dynamic Geological Model. Beijing: Science Press, 2015.
(2) Song Jiancheng, Mao Shanjun, Li Zhongzhou, Li Mei. 2007. Research and application for coal mine gas prevention and curing. Beijing: China Coal Industry Publishing House

Journal papers
(3) Li Mei, Mao Shanjun, Ma Ainai. Building Orebody Solid Model from Planar Contours. Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics, 2006, (07):1017-1021(in Chinese)
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(11) Liu Ya-jing, Li Mei, Yao Ji-ming. Research on ore body model establishment with multi resolution ratio and extended octrees. Coal Science and Technology, 2006,(08):57-60(in Chinese)

Conference papers
(12) Li M., Liu H., Yang C., A Real-Time Gis Platform For High Sour Gas Leakage Simulation, Evaluation and Visualization, International Symposium on Spatiotemporal Computing, Fairfax, July, 2015
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